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Medigrade Skincare Customised JUST for You

Prepare, protect & repair your skin against its daily challenges.

Our skin is on display everyday of our lives. It communicates so much about us including indications of our age and well being. Skin is also our primary barrier against external challenges, so not only is good skin health vital to appearance it is also very important to overall health.

Young healthy and vibrant skin has elasticity and firmness, it is smooth, luminous and vibrant; it is beautiful. This is because the outer layer of the skin the epidermis has skin lipids and natural moisturising factors (NMFs) that attract and retain water keeping the cells plump. In the lower levels of the epidermis skin pigmentation cells are present and new skin cells are being produced, while at the surface old cells flake off. This is the body’s way of naturally keeping the skin even in tone, texture and luminosity.

Below the epidermis, in the dermis is the key architecture of the skin known as the extra cellular matrix (ECM). This is made up of a network of collagen and elastin fibres that provide elasticity, firmness and smoothness. It also contains key skin cells known as fibroblasts which produce and replace the collagen and elastin. The fibroblasts also produce NMFs such as Hyaluronic acid (HA), which further help provide the skin’s hydration, plumpness and smoothness. Running through the ECM blood capillaries provide oxygen, nutrients and moisture, helping feed the skin and make it vibrant. The dermis also contains natural protecting antioxidants, in the form of skin vitamins and enzymes, which defend against the free radicals or reactive oxygen species

(ROSs) that constantly challenge the skin and can cause it so much damage.

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What is Skin Ageing and Sun Damage?

Up to a person’s early to mid 20’s, the skin’s production, repair and protective mechanism work dynamically, but as we age beyond this it starts to work less well and gets progressively worse as the years progress. This is accelerated by exposure to UV in the form of daylight and sun exposure, other external factors such as smoking and our diet can further add to the problem.

During skin ageing the production and replacement of collagen, elastin and HA slows down as there are fewer fibroblasts and they operate less efficiently. This reduces the elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin, eventually resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The blood supply becomes less efficient and as a result the skin becomes less vibrant. Also the skin’s natural anti-oxidant protectants become less prevalent and less effective, meaning ROSs or free radicals can cause more damage to vital skin tissue and cells including DNA damage. In the epidermal layer a decline in skin lipids and NMFs means the skin has less moisture and is less plump. The skin cell renewal process reduces, impairing texture and tone and luminosity.

If we take a few minutes each day to protect our skin against these challenges the younger, healthier and brighter it can look. The PRESCRIBEDsolutions™ [CUSTOMIZED SKINCARE] range provides professional medigrade PREPARE, PROTECT & REPAIR products that will enable this, but do so much more as they can be customized to provide specific-to-you products and regimes for problem skin conditions and can be combined with other products from the AesthetiCare® SKINCARE SYNERGY™ portfolio.

Why is the Prescribedsolutions™ Range Classed as Professional Medigrade & Customizable?

PRESCRIBEDsolutions™ [CUSTOMIZED SKINCARE] is a range of prepare, protect & repair products that is only available from aesthetic practitioners and their clinics. It consists of skin preparation cleansers and treatment serums and creams. They are expertly formulated from evidence based ingredients with known efficacy and indications for use. Each of these products have been expertly formulated for their primary indications and mechanisms of actions.

However we are all individuals with different skin and different needs. Indeed our own skin has different needs dependent upon the time of the year, our body clock and the environmental, physical and psychological circumstances we find ourselves in. Even though you may find good general-fit products to prepare, protect & repair your skin against the daily challenges it faces, they are not going to be specific-to-you based on your skin’s needs at any given point in time and that’s why PRESCRIBEDsolutions™ is different.

PRESCRIBEDsolutions™ [CUSTOMIZED SKINCARE] are professional medigrade skincare products customized specifically for you by our expert aesthetic skin professional.

Our Aesthetic Nurse will use PRESCRIBEDsolutions™ to go through a 3 step process:

1. Consult & diagnose

Firstly she will perform a consultation to assess your skin and your needs. She will diagnose what your primary concerns and indications are and also what your secondary skin indications and concerns are.

2. Prescribe & customize

Secondly she will decide which PRESCRIBEDsolutions™ cleanser and treatment serum and / or cream is best suited to your primary concern and indication and will customize it using a specially formulated booster so that it can also help address problem skin concerns.

3. Prepare, protect & repair

Finally the nurse will provide you with a prepare, protect & repair product and / or regime that is specific-to-you, individualised to your skin’s needs at that point in time. Working with you and your skin as things change, she can adapt your primary products and boosters so your prepare, protect & repair regime stays specific-to-you and your skin’s needs.

PRESCRIBEDsolutions™ [CUSTOMIZED SKINCARE] works in optimum SKIN SYNERGY™ with other products and treatments from the AesthetiCare® advanced evidence based portfolio to provide complete anti-ageing and problem skin SKINCARE SYNERGY™ regimes.

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