Laser removal for fungal nail infections

Fungal nail infections if mild can be treated with topical paint on nail lacquers. Success rates are variable and the treatment takes many months. Tablet treatments can take up to six month, but is more successful, and also suitable for more severe infection. Success rates are between 40-80% in clinical trials.

Some types of fungus such as moulds, however, do not respond to tablet treatment. The tablets commonly cause side-effects and for some people require blood test monitoring in case of drug-induced liver inflammation.

Nail fungus

A growing number of clinical trials have confirmed that laser treatment is as equally effective at treating nail fungus infection with success rates of 53-82%. Moulds can also respond to laser treatment. Dermatologist assessment and mycology may be required for laser or drug resistant cases to establish the specific fungus strain or consider diagnoses other than fungal infection.

Laser treatment of fungal nail infection is quick, painless and just as successful as topical or tablet treatment without any side-effects. It even works for some types of fungus that are resistant to tablet treatment. One treatment every week for four weeks is required. Multiple nails can be treated at each laser session.

Laser treatment does not prevent re-infection, but advice on healthy nail and foot care can be given to help avoid this. Associated nail psoriasis can reduce the success of laser or tablet treatment. More than 50% of nail plate involvement with fungus can also reduce the efficacy of treatment.

Initial assessment is by our laser practitioner. Onward private referral to a dermatologist or back to your GP may be required if the diagnosis is not nail fungal infection.

It is the responsibility of the client to remove his or her own nail varnish completely before booking an assessment or treatment appointment. A laser treatment course of 4 treatments (one each week) has over an 80% success rate and several nails can be treated at each treatment session. We can also provide you with advice to prevent re-infection.

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