Surgical Tattoo Removal

Although tattoos are now very popular they are also a common source of regret. A tattoo may not only cause social embarrassment but can also lead to career difficulties. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to have a tattoo removed on the NHS.

Exeter Medical is happy to help patients who wish to have their tattoo removed. For most patients laser tattoo removal is a very effective tattoo removal technique, undertaken over a number of treatment sessions. In some cases, however, surgical excision could also be considered, particularly when the tattoo is small or if it contains pigment that might be unresponsive to laser therapy.

Surgical excision allows the tattoo to be removed at one or two out-patient visits under local anaesthetic, and the wound is closed with dissolvable stitches and surgical tape. Not only are the results immediate but for the right tattoo surgical excision may also be less expensive than laser therapy.

Surgical excision does, of course, leave a permanent scar, which laser tattoo removal is less likely to do, but our consultant plastic surgeon will be able to offer guidance on scar management to optimise the result.

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