Dermatology Consultations

Consultations with our Consultant Dermatologist

Two consultant dermatologists, Dr Christopher Bower and Dr Anthony Downs, are happy to see patients at Exeter Medical Ltd for the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of dermatological disorders including:

  1. General dermatology skin complaints such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and for rashes that so far have remained undiagnosed or have failed to respond to treatment.
  2. Potential or confirmed skin cancer management.
  3. Mole checks.
  4. Cosmetic dermatology.
  5. Follow-up consultations.

Both consultants also offer an expanding repertoire of cosmetic dermatology services.

Dermatology Exeter Medical 3D animations for skin conditions

To book a general dermatology consultation call Ros today on 01392 350053, or for laser queries and mole checks, call Louise on 01392 350057. Alternatively you can get in touch via our online form.

Call Exeter Medical on 01392 350053 or get in touch online

For general dermatology call Ros

01392 350053

For laser queries & mole checks Call Louise

01392 350057

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Dermatology Exeter Medical 3D animations for skin conditions

View Dermatology 3D animations for skin conditions