NHS Myths

From time to time we do hear feedback about the myths surrounding referral of NHS patients, so we would like take this opportunity to correct some of the current misunderstandings and help you get to know Exeter Medical better.

Did you know...

  • All private providers are paid the same as NHS providers under the agreed national tariff for inpatient and outpatient procedures. It does not cost any more for an NHS patient to have outpatient treatments or diagnostic scans at Exeter Medical.

  • Exeter Medical's contract with the NHS does not allow us to ‘cherry-pick’ patients. All patients who consultants deem appropriate for care at Exeter Medical are treated.

  • We regularly admit patients over the age of 70 years. We are committed to patient safety so all patients over 65 yrs or under if needed (ie. on anti-coagulation drugs), have a pre-op call before their procedure. Following this, if the patient is deemed fit for surgery and anaesthetically stable, an admission date will be confirmed.  Post-operative calls are given to NHS patients after their procedure.

  • Some NHS patients avoid choosing Exeter Medical because they are worried that there may be additional charges. There are NO hidden fees or charges for patients who choose to have their NHS treatment at Exeter Medical.

  • Exeter Medical is proud to provide consultant led care throughout the patient's NHS pathway.

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