Mole Check Charity Event kicks off skin cancer awareness week

Mole Check charity event kicks off

The dust is now settled after the Exeter medical charity mole check event last weekend.

Tony Downs, consultant dermatologist at Exeter Medical, helped by colleagues from the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, and Exeter medical staff, saw a total of 65 patients and managed to diagnose three melanomas and a number of other non-melanoma skin cancers.

£820 was raised in support of Cancer Research UK.

The event was scheduled to coincide with skin cancer awareness week and is a timely reminder to all of us to look after our skin during the summer months. But not only does the sun cause potentially dangerous skin cancers, it also has an ageing affect.

The Exeter medical laser team is seeing an increase in the number of patients seeking carbon dioxide (CO2) laser treatment to tighten and Rejuvenate facial skin, as well as those patients who want to address the lines and wrinkles that come with age and sun damage.

Tracey Stone has been busy over the last couple of months in her Botox and dermal filler is practice and having taken over the laser practice management role she is certainly keeping occupied!

Meanwhile, Mr Oliver has started to offer minimal access facelift surgery under local anaesthesia with sedation so, with blepharoplasty procedures also accessible using a combination of surgery and carbon dioxide laser, there is now a wide range of cosmetic facial treatments available under one roof at Admiral house.

So look no further if that’s what you’re thinking about, the Exeter Medical team have it covered!

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