Laser hair removal for men

Complete diode hair removal for men anywhere on the face and body.

Today, laser hair removal is the fastest-growing procedure in modern cosmetic dermatology. For men, laser treatment has become a popular solution for excessive hair, generally on the face, parts of the neck, back and chest. Men will especially appreciate the diode laser’s ability to remove even the coarsest hair from relatively large body areas.

Diode laser hair removal is a non-invasive and treatment for permanent hair reduction anywhere on the face or body.

Before & after mens laser hair removal back and shoulders at Exeter Medical

Hair removal for men on back/shoulders

Before & after mens laser hair removal chest & beard by Exeter Medical

Hair removal for men on beard and chest

Frequently Asked Questions

How does diode laser technology work?

Diode lasers are the most effective of all laser wavelengths for hair removal. The laser eliminates unwanted hair by emitting a beam of light on to skin. Passing harmlessly through the skin, the light targets the pigment (melanin) within the hair follicle and hair shaft. As the follicles absorb this laser energy, they are disabled, and unable to produce new hair.

The result: lasting hair removal with no downtime.

Is it safe?
Diode laser parameters are specially designed to match your skin type and hair type, assuring exact and gentle treatments. Immediately after treatment, the area may appear and feel mildly sunburned, a reaction that usually subsides within a day or so.

Does it hurt?
While pain tolerance is highly individual, most people tolerate laser treatment well, and describe the sensation as a rubber band snap to the skin. The majority of patients require no anaesthesia, although topical anaesthetic is available if needed.

How long does a laser treatment take?
While laser is able to cover relatively large areas at high speed, the exact treatment time is determined by the size of the area being treated. The eyebrow area may take only a few minutes; the back may require up to an hour.

How many treatments are necessary?
All hair follicles go through periods of dormancy and growth. As laser light only affects hair follicles that are actively producing hair at the time of treatment, resting follicles must enter the growth phase before they can be effectively treated. For this reason, treatment must be repeated until all hair follicles have passed through the growing phase. Clinical studies indicate that four or more treatments are needed at intervals of between one to three months.

Our specialist laser practitioner will advise you regarding the optimal number of treatments for you.

Who can be treated?
Men of all skin colours and most hair colours have been successfully treated. Laser hair removal treatments are customised according to skin colour, hair texture and body site.

The Laser Advantage
Before during and after diode laser hair removal for men diagram
For men eager to say goodbye to stubborn hair over large body areas, the diode laser is the perfect alternative. Gently, yet effectively, this laser removes hair without causing irritation, and minimises the chance of scarring and pigmentation changes.

Today, advanced laser systems are replacing unpleasant, time-consuming and short-term hair removal methods. Although electrolysis provides long-term elimination of unwanted hair, it is uncomfortable and can demand years of treatment.

And laser, unlike the electrolysis needle, treats several hair follicles at once without missing a single targeted follicle. Shaving lasts only a few days, while tweezing is impractical for large body areas.

In contrast to these methods, laser hair removal provides the ideal option for men seeking quick, effective and permanent hair reduction.

Soprano Laser Hair removal Exeter Medical 3D animations

Effective, Safe, Long-term.

Soprano laser hair reduction machine used at Exeter MedicalSoprano XL SHR works in motion, with a sweeping technique that eliminates a common problem of missed or skipped spots. The comprehensive coverage means smooth legs, arms, backs and stomachs for your patients without the pain. In fact, patients have even compared the SHR experience to a hot stone massage. The laser can also treat men’s beards with prices starting from £100.00.

Uniquely, all laser hair reduction procedures are undertaken by fully qualified laser practitioners working alongside our specialist laser dermatologist, Dr Tony Downs.


Chin £75 | Face £120 | Back £265 | Chest £195

Consultations are FREE but a £50 patch test is required if you proceed with a treatment.

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