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Foto Youlaser MT at Exeter Medical Facial RejuvenationExeter Medical are proud to introduce a new CO2 laser for facial rejuvenation and scar reduction. The YOULASER MTcombines two state-of-the-art lasers in one unique platform to offer a range of skin regeneration treatments.

The YOULASER MT is a highly advanced fractional resurfacing laser system and the only such device currently available to clients in the South West. It combines non-ablative laser with ablative laser for the most advanced laser resurfacing system available on the market today. Non-ablative resurfacing laser technology is great for all areas of the body.

Minute sections of the skin’s surface are targeted with laser light which penetrates into the tissue. This causes small columns of thermal damage which in turn stimulates significant collagen renewal. The surrounding unaffected areas of skin tissue aid the body’s natural recovery process, allowing excellent skin renewal results without significant downtime.
Lines & wrinkles treatment by CO2 laser before and after at Exeter Medical

Ablative skin resurfacing using CO2 laser technology can dramatically transform the appearance of your skin. It works in a similar way to non-ablative resurfacing but causes increased trauma to the tissue, resulting in a more dramatic effect. Due to the CO2 laser still operating in fractional mode, the interconnected untreated areas between the pinprick treatment zones again promote rapid healing with reduced downtime. After treatment the skin looks immediately tighter due to the process of collagen shrinkage and by the long-term stimulation of fibroblasts that will usually produce new collagen for the next six months.
Rinophima treatment by CO2 laser before and after at Exeter Medical

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues at Exeter Medical for the truly excellent care and follow-up I have experienced.”

Mr S (Andy Wilson, excision on wart)

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Varying degrees of intensity can be applied during treatment allowing results to be completely tailored to suit your skin concerns.

Acne treatment by CO2 laser before and after at Exeter Medical

The YOULASER MT featuring MIXED TECHNOLOGY is totally unique in its ability to deliver these two Gold Standard lasers (CO2 at 10.6um and GaAs at 1540nm) in a sequential or simultaneous fractional emission, thereby maximizing the advantages of each laser and improving results in just one session. The ability to deliver these lasers independently, simultaneously or sequentially opens up new treatment possibilities and allows a completely bespoke treatment to be tailored to your individual needs:

  • Supplied by Lynton Lasers
  • Listed on the NHS Supply Chain
  • Medically CE Marke

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I suitable for treatment?
The YOULASER MT is suitable for both men and women and can significantly improve the appearance of the skin. The first step in treatment involves a thorough consultation to assess your concerns and ensure you are suitable for treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments required is dependent upon the exact type of treatment selected. The YOULASER MT offers a ‘Soft Laser Peel’ and a ‘Deep Laser Peel’. A Deep Laser Peel delivers the greatest improvement for lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity and requires the fewest treatments. However, the downtime post-treatment is longer. Typically, only 1 session is needed, though some people do opt to repeat treatment after six months for further improvement.

A Soft Laser Peel has shorter downtime, but repeat sessions are more likely. Usually, 1-3 sessions are required at 3-4 monthly intervals.

How long does the treatment take?
It takes about 30 minutes to treat the full face. However, some pre- and post-treatment care is required and you will need to be at the clinic for about 2 hours.

Does it hurt?
Treatment sensation varies from individual to individual. You can expect a slight ‘stinging’ sensation, but most people find it tolerable.

To increase your comfort we can apply a topical anaesthetic prior to treatment.

What should I expect after treatment?
This varies depending on the intensity of your treatment. You can experience nothing other than mild redness for a few hours, or, in the case of a very deep peel, up to several days of downtime. This downtime may include redness and a feeling similar to sunburn. With a deep peel it is also normal to experience swelling, particularly around the eyes. Swelling may be present for up to 4 days after treatment. For the first few days following treatment your skin will form a ‘micro-crust’ and will have a bronzed appearance. The skin will also feel quite tight and it is important that your skin does not dry out (using Vaseline will help to avoid this).

The length of downtime will vary depending upon the density and depth of the treatment. We will carefully discuss your treatment goals and expected downtime during a consultation.

Are there any precautions post-treatment?
We will provide you with aftercare instructions. Please refer to this for guidance. In the case of a deep peel you may wish to arrange for a few days off work. It is best not to apply make-up for a few days. It is also important to avoid prolonged sun exposure and you should apply sun protection (minimum SPF 15) every day, whatever the weather.

When will the results be visible?
You will notice benefits within 7 days of treatment. Some erythema (redness) may remain but the skin will be visibly improved. The laser stimulates production of collagen so you will experience progressive benefits for at least six months post-treatment. The new collagen will promote skin tightening and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scarring.

The YOULASER MT offers significant improvement to the skin. With any procedure there are risks, but we take all possible precautions to minimise any chance of an adverse reaction.

Prior to treatment we will:<

  • Take your medical history, examine your skin and discuss your treatment aims
  • Prescribe medications to prevent complications
  • Discuss risks and obtain informed consent for treatment
  • Provide detailed aftercare instructions
  • Schedule a follow up within 2-3 days of your treatment

What should I do if I am concerned?

We will schedule a follow up appointment 2-3 days after your treatment. However, should you have any concerns prior to your allotted date please do not hesitate to contact us.


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