Harmony ClearLift™ Package Offer


Exeter Medical ClearLift offer Package Price

Exeter Medical are delighted to offer a autumn/winter package price offer for our Harmony ClearLift™ treatment.

The laser treatment, known as the ‘lunchtime facelift’, is ideal for busy people and a great post summer skin treatment to enhance healthy, collagen plumped skin.

Exeter Medical ClearLift offer FREE DiamondTome Pre-Treatment

Other benefits include:

  • Quick Results (even after one treatment)
  • No downtime
    carry on with daily life and even go back to work afterwards
  • You can apply make up with no redness afterwards
  • Treatments are virtually painless

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Package Price

6 x ClearLift™ lunchtime facial treatments for £1,000 

+ FREE DiamondTome™ pre treatment (usually £70)

Terms & Conditions

A full consultation is required prior to booking the treatment.
The package price is only available if the whole amount is paid upfront.
A patch test of £50 is required – this will then deducted from the price when purchasing the package (£950 after patch test).
The course will be for 6 sessions, with 2 weeks in between to help achieve the maximum results.
This package price expires on 31/12/2018.

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