General surgery

Surgery is an invasive type of practice and minor surgical procedures can be performed at Exeter Medical Ltd. These include removal of ‘lumps and bumps’ under local anaesthesia in a safe, effective and comfortable environment.

Endoscopies & Colonoscopies

These are performed at the Exeter Nuffield Hospital, usually as Day-Case but may require in-patient stay due to other medical conditions or concerns. The procedures are performed with a Consultant Anaesthetist present to ensure complete relaxation during the procedure leaving you unaware of the test. For patients requiring repeated colonoscopy this can lead to a considerable reduction in fear and is performed painlessly. Advice and alternatives can be discussed. A fixed price colonoscopy is available at Exeter Nuffield for uninsured patients who wish that extra privacy and comfort.

Surgical Procedures

Minor, short-stay and intermediate surgical procedures are performed at The Exeter Nuffield Hospital. Complex and reconstructive surgery is performed at The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital particularly for patients who may require high dependency case of nutritional support. Your safety is paramount and therefore I take the view that the additional backup facilities within the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Hospital are necessary in some complex cases.


Two dedicated Gastrointestinal Radiologists are involved in the diagnostic pathways. Dr Simon Harries and Dr Richard Thomas have extensive experience in the most modern diagnostic tools for assessment.

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