Mr John Thompson

Mr John Thompson
Consultant Vascular Surgeon

“Patients having laser vein treatment under local anaesthetic are delighted. Some even return to work the next day. Pain and bruising are minimal, the cosmetic result is great and so far none of the treated veins have come back”.

John is the senior vascular surgeon at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospitals and has 25 years experience as a consultant. He has a Masters degree in surgery and is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Edinburgh and England.

He has a 100% track record for major surgery on the National Vascular Registry.

He has published two books, 36 book chapters and over 100 scientific papers. John has been a Council Member of the Vascular Society and British Blood Transfusion Society and is the Regional Professional Adviser for the Royal College of Surgeons. He specialises in surgery, foam and thread vein treatments and has a 15 year experience of laser (EVLA).

A GP referral is not required for a veins assessment, but John will always let your GP know of the outcome and plan.

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